The "Friends" have recently held this years A.G.M. This is our update:


We needed to approve the annual accounts (for the year end Dec 31st 2020.) These will be sent off to the Charity Commissioner.   The charity has been more or less dormant because of the restrictions of Covid.  Some of the year the Church building has been closed, now of course it is in the process of opening up again. 


Friends were able to contribute to masonry work that had to be done.  Every 5 years the Church has an inspection. This gives us a plan of the work that needs to be done, some straightaway, some spaced out over a long period. Fortunately over the years the Church has been able to keep up to date with these repairs, hence the first class condition the building is in today.


We look forward to the time when we can resume activities as the restrictions of Covid are lifted and we can replenish our finances. As you may know, Friends of All Saints are dedicated to the replacement or renewal of the building. Our funds are limited to the Charities conditions and are not associated with the Church Funds.

The AGM was pleased to confirm the appointment of The Rev Jenny Ingram as a Trustee of the Charity as Vicar of All Saints. We look froward to having her input into the running of the Charity.

If you wish to support us please go to the “Becoming a Friend” section of the website here. You will be most welcome.


We usually host a variety of events across the year.

Sadly all events are on hold for now.  Please check back soon for updates.

Christmas Tree on the Tower

Barn Dance

Paella Evening