From 25th May 2018 new General Data Protection Regulations came into operation, building on the existing Data Protection Act.


We are committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of members and acknowledge the importance of keeping members’ personal information safe and secure at all times.




We operate our “Friends Group” under a ‘consent’ basis and collect a limited amount of data to enable us to fulfil our objectives.


To carry out the work of our Group, we ask everyone to provide their contact details when they agree to become new contributor to the friends. The only personal information held on our database is:


  • Name

  • Home address

  • Telephone number(s)

  • Email address

  • Yes or No re eligibility for Gift Aid

  • Bank Account details, sufficient to set up a regular payment.


Under the Data Protection Act the data we hold is defined as Standard Personal Data. The level of security must be good and proportionate to the data kept.


This information is needed for communication on general Friends of All Saints and other related matters.


Access to the full membership database is restricted to The Chairman, Membership Secretary and Treasurer,


It is our policy that no third parties will have access to this information.




Database Administrator


Our Database Administrator is the Membership Secretary, who controls the security of this database. He/she is the only person with the authority and access to change a member’s personal details.


Members must inform the Membership Secretary directly to authorise any changes to their Personal Data.


 Data storage


The members’ data is stored on a password protected external database. Hard copy application forms are retained in a secure file.


Control over access


The Chairman, Membership Secretary and Treasurer are the only three Committee members authorised to send mass emails to all members and will not copy or email lists of personal details to anyone else. All new members must confirm, with a signature on their membership application form, that they have read this data protection policy and are happy for their personal information to be stored on our database.


Lapsed Member Data


Anyone ceasing to be a member of Friends of All Saints will have their details permanently deleted from the database, and the hard copy of their application form will be shredded. The Inland Revenue insists that Gift Aid lists are retained for seven years.


Sending personal emails


When sending an email, all members should be aware that some people will not want their email address shared with other members. The sender should use the bcc facility which will conceal email addresses from other recipients.


Email addresses and telephone numbers on the Friends of All Saints website.


Personal information will not be made available for the public to view.